Common patterns?

I’m liking Stimulus, and it feels like there’s going to be a proliferation of common needs and patterns that should hopefully emerge.

Has any thought gone into this concept, of where we might be able to share/iterate on patterns using Stimulus?


I was also thinking of something similar. I was thinking to open a thread in this forum where we could post interesting open source projects using Stimulus or examples that we believe could be relevant. A list that would be a bit more curated than just looking a the dependency tree ( to find projects using Stimulus.

We could, therefore, build a list of examples and exchange around best practices.

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We right now trying to build a live preview of our SaaS platform customization on stimulus + turbolinks.
All our controllers extend from our ApplicationController (aka we do it in Rails).

This ApplicationController provides helpfull shared functionality.

This one of our functions

   * Get instance of remote controller
   * @param controller - controller name
   * @param id - instance element ID
  connectRemote(controller, id = null) {
    const elementId = id || controller
    const element = document.getElementById(elementId)
    return this.application.getControllerForElementAndIdentifier(element, controller)

We right now trying to build a lot of different things, this why I kinda slow on sharing with code examples. :frowning:
How do you connect your controllers?

Here is a bit of code that was given to me by @nowhereman.

getControllerByIdentifier(identifier) {
  return this.application.controllers.find(controller => {
    return controller.context.identifier === identifier;

It works well but only for a child controller to find its parent controller. It also assumes that there is only one parent controller on the same page.

I agree that those helper functions can be placed in a common ApplicationController and extend all your controllers from this supercharged controller.

I might be wrong but I was under the impression that the recent refactoring in the 1.1 tag where a step toward better support for communicating between controllers

Not directly. The TokenObserver refactoring is a change that will make it easier for us to add new attributes. For example, we would like to explore a data-class attribute which lets you map abstract CSS class names to app-specific class names.


PubSub is nice. Right now we do custom events with unique ids. It works pretty much well. I think better API docs in 1.1 will help more people to jump in the dev process.

I don’t think that React props style pattern needed because we don’t do SPA here. (at least library purpose initially not in this)

Today I’ve faced problem of getting action being fired when used Stimulus controller and select2 element.
Didn’t know where to write about it, decided to write here.

What I’ve found - select2 v4 not triggering native events so to have controller action being fired you’ll need to dispatch event manually. Below is example. One more thing - on clear selection (select2:unselect) value cleared after event is triggered.

      .on('select2:select', function() {
        let event = new Event('change', { bubbles: true })
      .on('select2:unselect', function() {
        element.value = undefined

        let event = new Event('change', { bubbles: true })

Link to select2 issue about native events:


Ah, I see, I create a controller for my select2 elements:

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