How to do a normal redirect from turbostream request?

I have a new user form, which renders with a different layout than the normal user show view. I need to either redirect or somehow swap out the full page on the form submission, but I want to keep the turbostream functionality for rendering errors.

So far, redirecting to show fails to render the layout and fails to update the page.

Is there a standard way to do this?


If this form is inside of a turbo-frame you can set the target attribute to
“_top” this means anything inside would navigate the whole page than when you redirect it should navigate the whole page.

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Wouldn’t that break the normal behavior for when errors are returned? Also, I can’t get any views to be rendered with the full layout.

For the errors to still be rendered without leaving the page you could use a turbo_stream response from the controller to replace the form. about the views not being rendered with the layout I’m not sure, where is it happening exactly?

Using target _top indeed ruins the benefit of putting the form in a turbo_frame. Personally I’ve found that it also just doesn’t work with redirect responses and I’m confused as to why I keep seeing it recommended.

There’s a bunch of posts expressing confusion about this exact issue. See:

  1. Turbo and form redirects (again!)
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  3. Break out of a frame during form redirect - #6 by adamsestra
  4. Redirect to new page on successful form submission, rerender otherwise · Issue #138 · hotwired/turbo · GitHub

The form replacement is great for errors, but when the form succeeds and gets a redirect response, Turbo, by design, doesn’t follow it. Confusing, right?

My recommendation is to disable Turbo on any form that has a redirect response. Seems crazy but the alternative of using a hack to call Turbo.visit after Turbo doesn’t render the redirect is worse IMO. The only forms where I have Turbo enabled are ones where the success response can just replace the form with a success message. For example when the user has to go click a confirm link in their email.