On Browser back replaceBody method is throwing an exception for jquery extensions

I am getting the below exception when I select the browser back button, I am not sure what I am missing in the configuration side.

VM26 browserLink:67 Uncaught Error: Attempted to jitRegister an interface: (anonymous)
at O.jitRegister (VM26 browserLink:67:58684)
at O.get (VM26 browserLink:67:57399)
at Pr.get (VM26 browserLink:67:51515)
at Pr.checkBrowserLinkState (VM26 browserLink:417:1029)
at Pr.connectedCallback (VM26 browserLink:417:711)
at PageRenderer.assignNewBody (turbo.js:2282:21)
at turbo.js:2244:12
at Bardo.preservingPermanentElements (turbo.js:891:5)
at PageRenderer.preservingPermanentElements (turbo.js:967:11)
at PageRenderer.replaceBody (turbo.js:2242:10)