Turbo Stream does not update item when in a materialized hamburger ul of class sidenav

We have a rails application that has a navigation menu styled and managed with materialize.

<ul id="mobile-nav" class="sidenav">
  <li>link text</li>

One of the li objects injects a turbostream and a link with an id that is updated by a turbostream broadcast to that stream_target_id.

    <%= turbo_stream_from 'notification', :updates %>
    <a href=path id=stream_target_id>text</a>

When the page is expanded so that all of the menu is visible, broadcasts to the turbostream work, and the anchor with the stream_target_id gets replaced.

When the page is narrowed such that the menu is collapsed into the hamburger, turbostream does not respond to broadcasts targetting the stream_target_id, and the anchor does not get replaced.