Any way to "replace" a Turbo Frame entirely, like a Stream could do?

Say you have a list of N users with turbo frame IDs derived from their User ID:

<turbo-frame id="user_id_1" />
<turbo-frame id="user_id_2" />

Say you want to link to a list of pets of each user:

<turbo-frame id="user_id_1>
<a href="..." data-turbo-frame="pet_id_1">pet1</a>
<a href="..." data-turbo-frame="pet_id_2">pet2</a>

… and then you want to navigate from the pet frame back to the user:

<turbo-frame id="pet_id_1>
<a href="..." data-turbo-frame="user_id_1">owner</a>

… and the catch: you want the navigation to happen within the same Turbo Frame DOM element.

So: <turbo-frame id="user_id_1" /> would become <turbo-frame id="pet_id_1" /> and then <turbo-frame id="user_id_1" /> again.

Is there any way to do this with Turbo Frames only?

I know I can return a stream response along the linea of <turbo-stream action="replace" target="user_id_1"><template><turbo-frame id="pet_id_1" /></template></turbo-stream>

I just wonder if there is automagical way to replace a frame with another frame, not just content of a frame with a different content of a frame with the same ID.