Hotwire Discussion

Are there clear steps for upgrading stock Rails 6.1 setup to Turbo and Stimulus 3?

Anything close to copy-paste-able steps?

Also, I am excited about the new (build-free) JS and (js-driven dart-sass) SCSS setups. Steps for these?

I would appreciate it if someone has gone through the process and would be willing to share.


I would be interested in this as well.
I installed importmap-rails then hotwire-rails gems but get this error in Firefox dev tools:

Uncaught TypeError: Error resolving module specifier “application”. Relative module specifiers must start with “./”, “../” or “/”. from the import "application" script tag :frowning:

But app/javascript/application.js is there and has the standard import "controllers"

The app has sprockets and assets and an app/assets/config/manifest.js with //= link_tree ../../javascript .js

That error can safely be ignored. It is mentioned somewhere.

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