Browser back button not working

Hi guys.
I encountered a problem that the browser back button does not work.
Let’s say I went to a page with a list of all topics: localhost:3000/topics, then went to a page with a specific topic: localhost:3000/topics/8 and press the back button - the URL in the address bar changes to localhost:3000/topics, but the content of the page itself does not change. And if I go to a page with a specific topic, click the reload browser button and click the back button - everything works correctly.

If I disable the turbo on the link with data-turbo: false or remove one single turbo frame from index page and show page - everything works correctly.

I do not use js controllers that could change the browser history.

page with all topics:

= turbo_frame_tag 'content' do
  @topics.each do |topic|
       = link_to, topic_path(topic), data: { turbo_action: :advance }
       // some other html

page with specific topic:

= turbo_frame_tag 'content' do
   some topic info

What could be the problem? I’ve already looked through a bunch of topics, but I still haven’t found a solution.

upd: if rollback the gem version to 1.5.0 from version 2.0.0, then everything works fine. But preloading the page on mouse hovering stops working (as I understand, this functionality was added in version 2.0.0).