Comparing Stimulus to similar 'lightweight' frameworks


I am working with our core team at Wagtail (open source CMS built on Django) to assess some options for a lightweight framework.

I would love to get any feedback on this document if possible.


  • what other libraries have I not listed
  • any more examples of larger open source framework-y usage anyone knows of
  • pitfalls I should be aware of if we do try to adopt stimulus
  • more reasons to use Stimulus that I have not been clear about

Thanks for any tips or ideas you can give.

For context - here is the wider discussion UI architecture technical debt · Discussion #7689 · wagtail/wagtail · GitHub

We have a very slim library which we use since years for our website projects. It is focused that the components you build are dependency do not require to extend from anything like in stimulus controller does. So the components just work without the library. And the library just there to connect DOM element to the component. It is focused on using in Symfony Twig templates. When using another templating language you maybe want to create something similar like the Twig Extension we created.

I have some planes to move in 3.0 to make it more DX friendly for none twig users by adopting stimulus data-controller attribute. Also we want to focus and moving exist provided components to accessability first components this means that most components forces you then to work with aria attributes and not like stimulus you have to define your targets yourself.

Thanks for this - it’s a great reference for how to do html templates with Stimulus.