Component is mounting twice on turbolinks navigation

I understand it’s expected for a component to mount twice when turbolinks navigates due to it’s preview feature, however they’re not disconnecting. This compounds on multiple navigations, so I end up having an exponential growth of duplicated controllers.

The controller is mounted like so:

    <div data-controller="nav" data-nav-open="false">
      <%= render "shared/nav_drawer" %>
      <div class="mdc-drawer-app-content">
        <%= render "shared/navbar" %>

The controller itself looks like this:

import { Controller } from 'stimulus';
import { drawer } from 'material-components-web/index';

export default class extends Controller {
    static targets = [ 'drawer' ];
    readonly drawerTarget: HTMLElement;
    drawer: drawer.MDCDrawer;

    initialize() {


    connect() {
        this.drawer = new drawer.MDCDrawer(this.drawerTarget);

    disconnect() {

    get open() {
        return'open') === "true";

    set open(state) { = state;'open', state.toString());

    toggleDrawer() { = !;


Immediately after posting this, I realized I had the javascript_pack_tag at the bottom of the html body. This was causing the entire application to be loaded again, causing my issue.