Configuring a turbo base url

Is there any way to configure a turbo base url.

I have an application which runs under /app but there are sometimes redirects and links or other kind of things to / or /other-url, which are not pages part of the turbo app. And as they are not part of them the css and js is broken when coming turbo is trying to load that site.

Is there any configuration how I can tell turbo that only urls starting with /app should be handled as turbo requests. I know about but that does not work for my case. As I need a general settings as I have not in all cases effect on the links or redirects which are happening.

I don’t know the “right” solution for this problem, but if I were to do this, I’d create a helper method that parses links, and returns {turbo: false} for the links that should be redirected. Also, you could inspect the request params on the controller, and return a redirect for any path that doesn’t match ‘/app’ path. Not totally sure if the latter is possible. More specifically, anything is possible, but whether it’s possible in a straightforward way, or requires some magic.