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Containerize Hotwire Rails app with docker with kubernetes?

Good day! If anyone knows how to containerize Hotwire Rails app with Docker with Kubernetes?

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Listening to the latest Remote Ruby episode is a good starting point.

In this episode, the Guys speak to Cameron Dutro, the creator of Kuby. The demo video gives a good overview of what can be achieved using Kuby, using DigitalOcean, Linode, Azure or Amazon’s EKS as a provider.

I have a fully working example app using Rails, Turbo, Stimulus, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, Redis, Action Cable and Webpacker all running in Docker and using the latest versions of things. It’s using Tailwind too with the JIT compiler enabled.

That starter app is at GitHub - nickjj/docker-rails-example: A production ready example Rails app that's using Docker and Docker Compose..

It’s following various 12 factor philosophies and patterns so running it in Kubernetes is no problem. But IMO learning and using Kubernetes is completely independent of running Rails in Docker. You could also choose to run it all with Docker Compose on 1 server too. The app is ready to go for either option.

Nearly every Docker pattern in that repo was covered in my DockerCon talk from a few months ago. The video and written form of that talk is here: Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose — Nick Janetakis

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