Data-turbo="true" not enabling Turbo

Hi there,

Just wanted to pose a question, I’m relatively new to Turbo and for the most part it seems to be straight forward. We’ve got a Rails 6 application (which we can’t upgrade to 7 right now). We have UJS and we are gradually working towards changing some legacy code to use Turbo/Hotwire.

We have disabled application wide Turbo and aim to add it in on a per-link basis until we are ready.

import '@hotwired/turbo-rails' = false // disable turbo app wide and add for specific elements gradually

However, the following does not trigger at all. I’m expecting it not to work unless I have data-turbo=“true” of course.

<a href="/jobs/1" data-turbo="true" data-turbo-method="delete" data-turbo-confirm="Sure?>DELETE</a>

If I change = true it works fine, so for some reason this trigger is misbehaving. Any thoughts on why that might be the case?

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Bug. You might want to go make a comment or vote on a suggested PR:

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Good find there. I’ll do just that cheers :slight_smile: