Double entries after you've been redirected back to index

I have a challenge that I suspect more people encounter. I have a form where a user creates a Vehicle. After you successfully post that form you are redirected back to the index with all your vehicles.

Now comes the issue; in the background, an ActionStream is enqueued to Sidekiq, if that job takes a while it could arrive after the user is already looking at the dashboard with the new record on it. If this happens you see two divs with the same content. :dancing_women:

Is there a way for Turbo to make sure it doesn’t insert the same id if it already exists on the page? I could solve this with a Stimulus controller, but doesn’t seem ideal.

My ruby code is super simple:

class Vehicle < ApplicationRecord
  broadcasts_to :account

And I listed to changed like this:

<%= turbo_stream_from current_account %>

Hope someone has a suggestion on how to combat this race condition.