Forms within frames and without an action attribute should be sent to the frame URL

I’m on the page /rooms/1 and got a <turbo-frame id="room"> in it which is displaying the room details and some navigation links. When I click on the links, the frame is refreshed with the corresponding content and the src attribute is updated to reflect the current context of the frame. Everything is fine so far.

I’m now in a context where the frame is <turbo-frame id="room" src="/rooms/1/edit"> and have a <form> without any action attribute.

The default behavior is to submit the form to the current page. Without Turbo, the form will be sent to /rooms/1/edit, but Turbo send it to /rooms/1. I know that it’s the real “current page”, but I was expected Turbo to send it to the current frame context to mimic the javascript-less behavior. Does it sound reasonable?