Hotwire not replacing the DOM

I’m trying to make a simple scenario here, in a RoR application. Changing from React to Hotwire. The scenario is:

A dropdown and a table. When the dropdown is selected, a new request is made to the backend, and the table data is populated by the response data. On React (and any other front-end framework, but I’ll use React as an example because of the application), this is done, in summary:

  1. On change on the select, triggering a function
  2. This function requests the backend, gets the result, and sets the state, for example, in options
  3. The table is populated by this options state. So every time this option state changes, the table value will change

I’m having a hard time doing it with Hotwire

I have:

<%= turbo_frame_tag 'work_queue' do %> 
    <%= form_with url: admin_work_queue_path(:turbo_stream), method: :get, data:     { controller: "work-queue", action: "change->work-queue#applyFilter" } do %>
 <%= select_tag :company_id, options_from_collection_for_select(, :id, :name, params[:company_id]), include_blank: '', class: "form-select" %> <% end %> 
        <%= render partial: "admin/work_queue/work_queue_follow_up_table", locals: { follow_ups: @follow_ups } %> 
<% end %>

So, is calling Stimulus applyFilter, which is working, doing this.element.requestSubmit(), which triggers the controller.

The controller is doing some logic, and responding:

@follow_ups = @follow_ups.limit(20) 
respond_to do |format| 
format.turbo_stream { render turbo_stream: turbo_stream.replace("work_queue", partial: "admin/work_queue/work_queue_follow_up_table", locals: { follow_ups: @follow_ups }) } 

But, something weird happens. If I request with admin_work_queue_path***(:turbo_stream)***, the response on the network tab is correct, the response content-type is: text/vnd.turbo-stream.html, the body is:

But it doesn’t replace the DOM, and more, the whole page gets replaced by this “text”. If I do it without the (:turbo_stream), the request just fails and returns the whole HTML, instead of just replacing my turbo content. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.