How do i add a menu to turbo-android tool bar?

im trying to add a menu like this


i followed the example of a template they have on android studio
and did the modifications necessary to work with in the turbo activity

but it is not showing the menu

now if i do some thing like this, call the setSupportActionBar after press a button it will show the menu, and after i click a link it will disappear again.

anyone have a suggestion how to do it? (i never developed an android app it is my first time)

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I will take time to setup this king of menu. Then, I will come back to you.
If you find the way to done it, please share it :slight_smile:

PS: why aren’t you using a fragment like in the demo provided by the turbo-android’s team ?


its pretty much same to the demo, still trying to figure things out didn’t made any progress.