How do I contribute to hotwire documentation?

I would like to improve the hotwire documentation. Had to learn some things the hard way and thought I could save others the trouble.

Is it possible to submit an PR to hotwire handbook? Is there a repo for that?


The team seem to accept PRs - here are the repos.

I’d recommend raising an issue first, explaining where you feel the docs are lacking and put down all info about your issue and what you did to resolve it. Then put in whee you think, in the docs, it would be good to have the info.

Then raise a PR against this issue so that there is a clear story. I’d your PR gets closed, delayed or whatever at least there is an issue to back up the reasoning.

Plus this may help people that Google a similar issue in the future.

Alternatively, ask a question on StackOverflow and answer it yourself.

It’s great to help out. I have had a few items on Stimulus that I thought could be documented - one got the thumbs up (to do a PR) but PR not accepted just yet.