How should I go about working with 3rd party script?

I have a 3rd party script that runs on initial load and creates a div element on the page.
when I navigate away this element disappears. I cant figure out how to make this work.

  1. I assume data-turbo-permanent isnt suitable in this case, because it’s not rendered by server but by 3rd party js. couldn’t make it work.

  2. tried with

addEventListener("turbo:before-render", (event) => {
  event.detail.render = (currentElement, newElement) => {
    const rowndNav = currentElement.querySelector('#rownd-privacy-hub')

but it does nothing.

what can I do?

it’s rails 7 with Turbo 8.

in my application.html I have

= javascript_include_tag "rph", "data-turbo-track": "reload", type: "module"

and my rpj.js file is

(function () {
  var _rphConfig = (window._rphConfig = window._rphConfig || []);
  let baseUrl = window.localStorage.getItem('rph_base_url_override') || '';
  _rphConfig.push(['setBaseUrl', baseUrl]);
  var d = document,
    g = d.createElement('script'),
    m = d.createElement('script')
  g.noModule = true;
  g.async = true;
  g.src = baseUrl + '/static/scripts/rph.js';
  m.type = 'module';
  m.async = true;
  m.src = baseUrl + '/static/scripts/rph.mjs';

_rphConfig.push(['setAppKey',  document.body.dataset.appKey]);

_rphConfig.push(['setPostAuthenticationApi', {
  method: 'post',
  url: '/api/auth/rownd/authenticate'

_rphConfig.push(['setPostSignOutApi', {
  method: 'POST',
  url: '/api/auth/rownd/sign_out'

_rphConfig.push(['setPostUserDataUpdateApi', {
  method: 'POST',
  url: '/api/auth/rownd/update_data'

Are you using another library with Turbo, like Stimulus?