How to get redirect working after a remote form?

I have a Rails remote form where I handle the response from the server with Stimulus, as described in this article.

In a nutshell the form has a data-type="html" and a data-action="ajax:success->mycontroller#onSuccess ajax:error->mycontroller#onError". As far as the Rails controller is concerned, all requests and responses are HTML format, not JS. In my Stimulus controller I update the page with html from partials sent by the Rails controller action. Here’s an excerpt from my Stimulus controller:

onSuccess(event) {
  const [data, status, xhr] = event.detail
  this.element.innerHTML = xhr.response

However in some cases I want the server to redirect the browser to a new page, instead of rendering a partial. In the Rails controller action I’m using a normal redirect_to foos_url for this. But no matter what I try, I can’t stop my Stimulus controller from taking the rendered foos_url page and sticking into my existing page via the this.element.innerHTML = xhr.response line above.

As far as I can tell my Stimulus controller doesn’t even see the redirection occur; I’ve been logging the status codes it receives and they are never (302) Found.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Andrew Stewart

The solution turned out to be changing my Rails controller action from this:

redirect_to foos_url

…to this:

render js: "window.location='#{foos_url}'"
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