How to use hotwire and Livewire pagination?

Hello, I added hotwire in my application

<script type="module">
 import hotwireTurbo from '';

And it worked great, but on a Livewire page with pagination, this overrides the livewire pagination loading.

I’m using a livewire template for pagination, and the links are of the button type. In the hotwire documentation, it says that it is possible to disable this behavior in links, so I changed the button type to:

<li class="page-item">
                        <a href="javascript:void();" data-turbo="false" {{--type="button"--}}
                        dusk="nextPage{{ $paginator->getPageName() == 'page' ? '' : '.' . $paginator->getPageName() }}"
                           class="page-link" wire:click="nextPage('{{ $paginator->getPageName() }}')"
                           wire:loading.attr="disabled" rel="next" aria-label="@lang('')">&rsaquo;

I added data-turbo=“false” attribute, but it keeps overriding pagination navigation

If I press ctrl+f5, the navigation works again, but if I came from some page through the hotwire, the navigation by pagination doesn’t work.

Has anyone had this kind of problem, using hotwire on a livewire screen with pagination?