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Interest in a StimulusJS controller aggregation site?

When I was first getting into Vim plugins, I found VimAwesome to be extremely helpful in letting me know which popular plugins existed for functionality that I had already built from scratch in my Vim configuration file.

Now that I’ve been using StimulusJS, I can’t help but yearn for something that solves for the same need. For example, just yesterday I wrote a controller that forces a text field input to be uppercase. It seems to me that it would be helpful if there was a platform where I could share this controller and get feedback to make it more generalized and functional.

Does this sound useful? Is this already solved by NPM modules (which I admittedly, know very little about creating) or something else? If there is interest, what is the best medium to share StimulusJS controllers between developers (JS Fiddle,, Github Gists, Gitlab Snippets, etc)? Should there be in-site voting, or should ranking be determined based on stars/forks on the aforementioned sharing mediums?

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I think this is an interesting idea. For example internally we have been using as our CSS framework. I really like it because it pure CSS and doesn’t not rely on JS. We’ve been working on Stimulus backed components based loosely off of some Vue.js / Bulma ones that work well. Building up a library of these reusable controllers specific to our use case.

Your thought could be helpful, but I wonder how much reuse is really possible with most controllers outside of a specific project.

I’m gonna see if this site is something that would stick as a learning opportunity for myself around NPM packages and JavaScript in general. Feel free to contribute or monitor the progress here:

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@stephendolan I can’t load the website.

Hey @TomK32,

It’s actually not live yet. Still under development in my free time!

:no_mouth: oh sorry. i’ll keep an eye out for updates or github issues :smiley:

@stephendolan Are you still working on this project? Any ETA?

Hey @db0sch,

Yes, definitely still progressing. This is a side project for me, so no ETA yet. I’m quite close to getting an MVP done that I can deploy to production.

Okay, I’ve released an initial version live to

I’ll be setting up a list of issues in the GitHub repository that I’ll be working towards to make this site a bit more useful, but for now it can act as essentially a Stimulus-only mirror of NPM :stuck_out_tongue:.


So cool.
Well done !