iOS Safari Issues During Development

Hi, I’m running into some troubling issues when using iOS to use my app. Turbo Frames aren’t loading src urls, Stimulus isn’t seeing my clicks. I assume this is a Javascript issue but no amount of toggling or Googling has helped me.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

In your subject line, you mention “during development”. Are you using a native bridge (is this an iOS app where you are interacting with the Rails part as a native app), or are you talking about viewing the site in Safari (or any other browser using WebKit)?

If the former, I don’t have any experience to help guide you.

If the latter, have you enabled the remote JavaScript debugger (by connecting your device to a Mac with a cable and opening the remote console in Safari on that Mac)?


The latter: just visiting the app webpage via Safari in the simulator and with my iPhone on the LAN. I will try the remote javascript debugger. Thanks for the suggestion.

Eventually it all worked, but it took like 10 reloads and a bit of waiting. So I suspect it’s related to the import-map shim…