Is there an event for HEAD element transform?

Hi, I can see and use events for body morph/replace, but there’s none for the HEAD element.

My case:
I have pages that include SCIPTS using relative to the page links.
on /index.html
it will be <script src="./_static/script.js">
on /some/deep/link/index.html
it will be <script src="../../../_static/script.js">

The script is the same and seems like Turbo doesn’t take the current path into account at treats “…/…/…/_static/script.js” as a new path, and inserts multiple copies into the head element.

I don’t believe there is an event for this. Turbo compare the entire html tag. If the pattern is different, it assumes it’s a different script and will append it.

The solution in this case would be to make the path the same on both pages (e.g. use absolute paths).

<script src="/_static/script.js">


<script src="">