Item disappears after child reflex called in nested object partial

This is a bit of a weird setup. I’ve made a video to show it in action, but here’s the written out version as well:

  1. An “Issue” has many “Catalog Entries”. This is setup on the form as a nested_fields controller. Two of these entries are created by default on every issue. Adding the next one works fine.
  2. Inside the nested field partial, each catalog entry has a polymorphic parent as such. That is “issueable” [sic]. So there’s a select to define the issueable_type and then that hits a reflex to change the contents of another select to include only items of that issueable_type and it is the issueable_id field.
  3. When a user changes the issueable_type drop down, the partial reflex fires, the content is returned, but something happens in the morph and the page throws a lifecycle.js error.

Any ideas what to even start looking at here? The issueable event works fine on the two items that are created on calling #new, and the nested fields partials have worked on this form for a while with other relationships (this is a new setup/refactoring in the data model).

Video/screenflow here: