Javascript in turbo-frame response not executed anymore?


I’m rendering a javascript chart in a turbo frame. The frame renders some html and inline javascript.

        .card-header VERKOOP LAATSTE 30 DAGEN
          canvas#myChart height="300" width="1000"

    var ctx = document.getElementById('myChart').getContext('2d');
    var myChart = new Chart(ctx, {
      type: 'line',
      data: {

This worked, until… today I updated to

  • stimulus-rails (0.2.1)
  • stimulus-rails (0.2.3)
  • turbo-rails (0.5.7)
  • turbo-rails (0.5.9)

And the javascript in de turbo frame response no longer seems to get executed. Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Today I reverted to the previous versions of turbo en stimulus and it worked again, so it has something to do with updating these packages.

I found this issue:

Looks like the same problem.

Are you also using stimulus? It would be much better if you attached a controller to your tag inside the turbo frame and created your chart in the connect method.

Hi Lee, yes, I am and also thought about this approach, but this code was/is from the pre-turbo era and it worked this way. Maybe I will move the js code to a stimulus controller.

I think that’s the best idea. I’m looking at setting up a controller to use SortableJS now, but without webpacker so I need to figure out which .JS file to put where.

I’m guessing the .esm.js file into /assets/javascripts/libraries?

With any luck, this should be fixed with Turbo 7.0.0.-beta.5.

That said, I got impatient and found that making Stimulus controllers for loading things like this was trivial. I’ve done it with Flatpickr, Videojs, and Plyr with no issues.

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Thanks all! I’m using this workaround for now: