JS initializing in stimulus

Hey, guys! Have a question, maybe someone can help me with it.

I have the html select tag on which I initialize selectize.js. Everything works great except one thing - randomly on load I can see for a 0.1s my original select tag without applied selectize js. Maybe I should changes something in loading or what?

I have such html.erb code

            <%= select_tag :user_companies, 
                           options_for_select(current_user.companies.pluck(:title,:id), current_company.id),
                           data: { 
                            controller: 'application--select',
                            action: "application--menu#companyChange",
                            url: update_current_company_settings_path
                           } %>

and stimulus controller with such JS

connect() {
    let element = this.element;
    if ($(`#${element.id}-selectized`).length) {
    let $selectizeElement = $(element).selectize();