Lazy load turbo frames w/ ActiveJob

Really liking how easy it is to lazy load frames with turbo-frame

However, I have some frames that are getting their data from a 3rd party API, which can be slow. Is there a good pattern anyone is using for handling something like this in a background job and then broadcasting the stream to the frame?

I see I can use the Broadcastable concern for doing this, but I’m not clear on how this might be achieved with things that do not revolve around model updates.

I’ve been experimenting with using the lazy-loading frames to bring in slower pages, like loading data from a 3rd party API.

I wrote about it here: Lazy Loading Lots of Comments HOTWire Tutorial #5 • Blogging On Rails, but the basic idea is that each individual item is loaded in the background, so the delay you would normally experience if you needed everything to be on the page before it’s displayed is gone, and then the page loads in content when it’s ready.