Lighthouse INP scoring lower with turbo

In March, Google is going to start measuring INP (Interaction to Next Paint) for your pagespeed scores.

They’re already warning sites when their INP can be improved, and i’ve noticed INP is much lower when navigating with Turbo enabled vs Turbo disabled while Turbo is tangibly MUCH faster on navigation.

The reason seems to be that they measure a browser reload as an immediate “Next Paint” thus earning a really fast score there, while it’s really slower.

I’m curious how other people have solved this.

While the real fix would be to make Google realise tools like Turbo improve the user experience much more than a browser reload would do, some things i have applied which seem to work are:

  • Immediately showing the progressbar Turbo.setProgressBarDelay(5)
  • Using a “wait” pointer when “aria-busy=true” is present
  • Adding a small animation on focus of links

So, you removed Turbo and accomplished a higher INP score?

While it would result in higher INP score i have not removed removed it, as removing it would result in a worse user experience.

And currently i care more about the actual user experience than lighthouse scores, sadly Google does not.