Link_to doesn't navigate from turbo_stream

I have a rails controller that renders search results in a turbo_stream. But, the rendered links don’t navigate. Clicks result in no action. I’m not sure how to link outside of the stream.


respond_to do |format|
      format.turbo_stream do
        render turbo_stream: [
          turbo_stream.update("autosuggest_results", partial: "search/autosuggest_results", locals: { items: @items })

view partial:

  <% items.each do |item| %>
        <li class="py-4 flex">
      <div class="ml-3">
        <%= link_to item.title, place_path(, data: { turbo_frame: "_top" } %>
        <p class="text-sm font-medium text-gray-900"><%= item.title %></p>
  <% end %>

I solved this. It’s working as shown. I was separately using stimulus-use to effect toggling for a different element, but there’s a conflict with stimulus-use subscribing to all elements. I’ve removed stimulus-use.