Link with data-turbo-method=delete does not redraw the page


I have a very simple use case. In a part of the application without any turbo frame or anything fancy, I have a link with a data-turbo-method=delete and I want upon the 303 redirect response following the DELETE request, refresh the whole page. Turbo refresh or complete refresh does not matter, I just want to refresh.

I tried every possible combination of attributes and could not make it work.

The rails server is responding to a 303 status and the browser fetches the page redirect (which happens to be the same URl than the current page, just refreshed). The problem is that the new page is never rendered.

No error in the console either

Ok, I think it comes from my application.

I have a list of URLs that are blacklisted by turbo and for which the turbo:before-visit event was default prevented, which caused the visit to abort.