Passing a callback function

We have an integration with a third party that uses a callback function that passed into one of their methods. The problem is that the callback loses its context and can no longer access this.

Within the controller:

  makeRequest() {
    let response =, this.callback)

  callback(response) {
    if(response.success) {
      this.success(response)  // Won't work because "this" is now within the third party api

  success(response) {
    // do lots of things within the controller

Before Stimulus, the callback called nameSpace.callback(), but I don’t know how to access the controller namespace. For example, in the contrived example above, I need to be able to pass the results into the the success controller method.

Should this be done by triggering an event?

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You need to bind the function reference to the controller or use an inline function (I’m assuming params is a property, otherwise you’ll have to bind that too):

Bound function

let response =, this.callback.bind(this))

Inline function

let response =, event => this.callback(event))

Thanks Kasper! That is exactly what I needed!

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