Possibility to work with Hotwire without persisting information

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

First of all. Congratulations. Hotwire is a very good tool for us. I just loved it.

My case:
I want to call multiple api endpoints and based on their responses I want to show the data in the screen without persist. Isn’t relevant persist the information in my db. So I want to create something “read-only” likes. Is possible do something like with Hotwire?

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Depends. is your Rails server acting only as a API?. Or you mean third-party APIS?.

In case it’s third-party APIS. You can achieve this using streams that are replaced when your action is performed.

Imagine something like this

<div id="api">


<button>get api results</button>

The button would call an action on the server that will do the API call and render the data, let’s say the request is for a posts_controller.

class PostsController
 def api


<%= turbo_stream.replace "api" do %>
  Your API result here
<% end %>

apart from what @rockwell says, it isn’t clear what you mean? if you want “read only” simply return html? or am i missing something?

Hey Rockwell,
Thanks for the reply.

It’s Third-party apis. I will try do something like you told. Thank you so much for the reply!

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My bad buddy!

Yes, I just want to render the information (response of few api calls) and just render the information.
Without create the “rule” after_create_commit in their model. Because as I said, I don’t want to persist the information. :smiley:

you can certainly employ streams without broadcasting…if using POST requests, that’s no problem…but if you want to do with a GET request, since you don’t want to persist anything - consider this comment: Document Turbo Stream Accept: header changes by seanpdoyle · Pull Request #40 · hotwired/turbo-site · GitHub there might be better ways of doing this though. rockwell seems to be employing a similar approach, but with fetch requests within a stimulus controller

another potential way, if you really insist on using streams - i’ve seen in some posts wrapping streams within frames. WARNING: i haven’t actually done it myself, so there could be huge gotchas here:

turbo_frame_tag "api" do
   <div id="results" />
   <button>get api results</button>
# response
turbo_frame_tag "api"
   turbo_stream.replace "results" do
          <--- results here -->

…but I would recommend rather than using streams, to simply use a turbo frame. when you press the button, you get the results back in a frame.

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