Problem with Turbo 8 InstantClick and modal

I have a modal that has a turbo-frame inside. All the changes in modal stay in modal and life is good. Inside that modal I have link that replaces content of the said turbo-frame, everything works.
Until Turbo 8 arrives and instant click “clicks” on those links and replaces modal with any user action. Mouse-over the link and link gets clicked. I don’t know what is so special it that is causing links to behave in such weird way. I can fix it with data-turbo-prefetch=“false” on the links but I just want to know why it behaves in such way and if I did something wrong. Is there something special about modal with turbo-frame inside (and InstantClick behaviout)?
This is the link, nothing special about it. It’s in the footer of the modal and should replace it’s content.

  <%= link_to modals_display_path(slug: prev_line[:line_slug], training_id: training_id, date: date ), data: { turbo_frame: 'modal', "turbo-stream": 'true', "turbo-prefetch": "false" }, class: "text-decoration-none" do %>
    <i class="bi bi-arrow-left-square-fill fs-1"></i>
   <% end %>


Petr R.

…ok, there is something wrong with that link and that is using data: { “turbo-stream”: ‘true’}. Together with InstantClick it make sense that if it gets preloaded page has no other option than to display it because it arrived with turbo-stream order to replace/delete/add that template.