Programmatic write to Turbo history

I have a fully functioning Turbo-powered site with everything working great except one single page which is powered by a non-Turbo stream API. It’s a legacy page with a handful of Handlebars templates. This, too, works really well given the legacy code being plugged in…but every time a handlebars template is rendered, the URL is updated with the latest API state. It is here I need to write to the Turbo history stack.

Using the browser back/forward buttons to navigate pre-Turbo would rely on a popState event to update the page with the handlebars template corresponding to the state… but now Turbo doesn’t “know” about the page change so going back/forward changes the URL but nothing else happens.

This is the closest I’ve found but doesn’t help in our situation.

In Turbolinks, we used replaceHistoryWithLocationAndRestorationIdentifier and pushHistoryWithLocationAndRestorationIdentifier … but nothing like this exists AFAIK.


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