Rails instance variables in the context of a Hotwire's SPA

Just a quick thought about instance variables in Rails in the context of an SPA.

I am building an resume making app where users can have multiple resumes, and each resume owns multiple types of data. (skills, experience…)
Each of these datatypes are a Rails model and have a dedicated controller to them.

When a users logs in and click on one of their resume, the resume will be printed and many different sections will show the completion of the various sections => All the different skills created, the education etc …

So basically I was originally rendering partials from every different controller. But, in order to not duplicate the logic contained in actual templates, I started to render template views such as “index”, “show” and passing some locals to it kike this :
<%= render template: “skills/index”, locals: {skills: resume.skills } %>

And to have matching behavior I started to do the same in controllers: rendering explicitly templates with locals rather than having my instance variables being used in the view by default… This seems totally non Railsy but I am wondering how you guys and girls handle such cases of having lots of various controller data in multiple turbo frames into a single page.
Basically my “resume/show” action and the matching view bring a lot of stuff where in the old times we would only end up with the very data located in the “resumes” table.

I am now a bit confused about my habit of discarding instance variables @ globally…