Start stream on page load

Hi there,

I’m currently tinkering around with turbo (+ Quarkus backend) and I wonder what would be the best practice way to start a stream on page load?

For example I’ve build a small dashboard page which shows my system values like CPU usage etc. and now I want it to auto stream a few of these values on page load without additional user interaction.

Any ideas? I’m currently trying to prevent triggering a form submit in a turbo frame via additional JS code


— Edit
I believe I misunderstood something. I’ll re-read the documentation again =)

— Edit2
Got it working with a line of JS and using SSE. I’ll create a little git repo, maybe that will help someone =)

Still work in progress, but the repo contains a simple working structure with quarkus + qute templating and SSE: GitHub - ErrorProne/quarkus-qute-turbo: Example/Test repository for quarkus + qute + turbo