Starter project- golang backend with stimulusjs

Work in progress but wanted to share this starter project with golang backend server and stimulusjs frontend - I haven’t been able to configure turbolinks yet but I am not too sure if it’s needed. I am using go HTML templating to return server-side rendered HTML

Feedback welcome.


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Thank you. A newbie here - I look forward to learning this stuff some time. I have not used ‘go’ for the web backend so far (I came across Fiber only from your post now). I have used Python Django for the web backend. I was exploring hotwire and looking for ways to use it with Django (and avoid having to learn a lot of JS for the frontend). But, I would love coding backend in ‘go’ instead of Python (as I am coming from ‘C’ background). Searched for that and came across your post.

Hi, I put together a simple sample for using Turbo Streams over WebSockets with Go:

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