Stimulus in prod routing error

Hi folks

I’m using rails 7.0.3. Have been using turbo etc, and I’m using importmaps.

I have a stimulus controller thats working in dev. When I push to production on every page load it fails with the below error. I haven’t even referenced the stimulus controller in any views yet, just testing the deployment. This breaks my chartjs module and none of my charts load. Why would it be trying to GET “/assets/controllers/simulation_controller” instead of " “/assets/controllers/simulation_controller-xxxxx.js”?

[76a77e44-b6e0-4bc3-a964-81dcfd52fce6] ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/assets/controllers/simulation_controller"):

My imports are something as follows. The assets are getting compiled successfully (including the stimulus controller) on my server and I can see them.

"imports": {
    "application": "/assets/application-af8bca25858236a09111e5eee2891ccc9212b182025c32e19b97d0c5f121fd13.js",
    "@hotwired/turbo-rails": "/assets/turbo.min-f309baafa3ae5ad6ccee3e7362118b87678d792db8e8ab466c4fa284dd3a4700.js",
    "@hotwired/stimulus": "/assets/stimulus.min-d03cf1dff41d6c5698ec2c5d6a501615a7a33754dbeef8d1edd31c928d17c652.js",
    "@hotwired/stimulus-loading": "/assets/stimulus-loading-1fc59770fb1654500044afd3f5f6d7d00800e5be36746d55b94a2963a7a228aa.js",
    "chartkick": "/assets/chartkick-8eb76e6cbdb540d495739fce84049fd038e59e7fd55c9e08e47b0b5a74b62db4.js",
    "Chart.bundle": "/assets/Chart.bundle-aed03f096855cf38f5dc8e832bb7c11f7773934dde150c15e94a614abe15802c.js",
    "controllers/application": "/assets/controllers/application-368d98631bccbf2349e0d4f8269afb3fe9625118341966de054759d96ea86c7e.js",
    "controllers": "/assets/controllers/index-cf30ea7cf1cb68233f232528ed547e6ff01673b3b7377d43c7776218e8fcf5ff.js",
    "controllers/simulation_controller": "/assets/controllers/simulation_controller-27d1219dc7415b122fb4cc0c8c8bcf19e08a617667e01757910780245c4930f3.js"

My controllers/index.js file is

import { application } from "./application"

import SimulationController from "./simulation_controller"
application.register("simulation", SimulationController)

Again, turbo/chart js has been fine and no issues with importmaps.

EDIT: Seems even though the import maps pointing to the right asset file, I can see below in dev tools under sources its throwing the error it cannot find simulation_controller. Will keep investigating.

Any help would be appreciated. Best - Dan

I should read the github documentation more carefully. GitHub - hotwired/stimulus-rails: Use Stimulus in your Ruby on Rails app

Changed my index.js to the below and it all works now.

import { application } from "controllers/application"

// Eager load all controllers defined in the import map under controllers/**/*_controller
import { eagerLoadControllersFrom } from "@hotwired/stimulus-loading"
eagerLoadControllersFrom("controllers", application)

What about the app/javascript/controllers/index.js generated by bin/rails stimulus:manifest:update?

On it I also have relative routes, but this file is generated by Rails itself :question:

// This file is auto-generated by ./bin/rails stimulus:manifest:update
// Run that command whenever you add a new controller or create them with
// ./bin/rails generate stimulus controllerName

import { application } from "./application"

import CondeSyntaxHighlighterController from "./conde_syntax_highlighter_controller"
application.register("conde-syntax-highlighter", CondeSyntaxHighlighterController)

import CopyToClipboardController from "./copy_to_clipboard_controller"
application.register("copy-to-clipboard", CopyToClipboardController)