Support for multiple frames in data-turbo-frame


I have often come across situations where we need to use one form to update multiple frames on a page, and althought streams is somewhat a solution around this I think the ability to specify multiple frame targets in the data-turbo-frame attribute would be pretty powerful addition to simplifying complex layout updates.

Similar to how Stimulus assigns multiple controllers, I see it being simply being able to specify multiple frame separated by a space.

<form action="/" data-turbo-frame="one two">

<turbo-frame id="one">

<turbo-frame id="two">

I tried to look into code to do a PR, but I’m no JS guru and couldn’t get around it (

Anyone else support this idea? would happy to sponsor anyones time to make this possible as I think it would be a worthwhile feature, and would delete alot of uneeded streams code in our application :slight_smile:


I’m curious if this capability exists with Turbo alone or if Stimulus is also required.