Turbo Drive visits with format TURBO_STREAM

Does anyone know if (non-cached/non-preview) Turbo Drive visits, initiated by pressing the back button, should issue requests formatted as TURBO_STREAM or as HTML ?

I expected they would be HTML but they’re strangely not. Currently, my index route (/) is returning the index.turbo_stream.erb template instead of index.html.erb when I press the back button because Turbo Drive is issuing the request as TURBO_STREAM.

Currently running turbo-rails (0.5.7) and @hotwired/turbo@^7.0.0-beta.3.


Apologies for the confusion/noise. The simple fix was to create a separate /search endpoint that returns the turbo_stream response (in this case a list of notes), so the index endpoint will always return the normal html formatted response.