Turbo frames do not update if I don't disable tubo stream mime type

I have the following component (it is a ViewComponent)

<turbo-frame id="subscription--state">
  <% if subscribed %>
   <%= button_to '๐Ÿ‘‹ Leave', leave_community_path(id: community.title), class: 'button is-danger' %>
  <% else %>
    <%= button_to '๐Ÿ˜‰ Join', join_community_path(id: community.title), class: 'button is-success'%>
  <% end %>

and in the controller

def join
    community = Communities::Queries::FetchCommunity.call(slug: params[:id])
    Communities::Commands::JoinCommunity.call(user_id: current_user.id, slug: params[:id])

    render Communities::SubscriptionComponent.new(subscribed: true, community: community)

  def leave
    community = Communities::Queries::FetchCommunity.call(slug: params[:id])
    Communities::Commands::LeaveCommunity.call(user_id: current_user.id, slug: params[:id])

    render Communities::SubscriptionComponent.new(subscribed: false, community: community)

When the user joins or leaves, I do see request on the browser returning just the subscription component part which is great, but, it just doesnโ€™t update the page.

I also see this on the logs:

17:49:26 web.1  | Started POST "/r/oddly_interesting/leave" for at 2022-04-14 17:49:26 +0200
17:49:26 web.1  | Processing by CommunitiesController#leave as TURBO_STREAM
17:49:26 web.1  |   Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"[FILTERED]", "id"=>"oddly_interesting"}

I dig a lot through it and I found that disabling the TURBO_STREAM mime type would solve the problem

Rails.application.config.after_initialize do

and LO AND BEHOLD, it works! doing the same thing now, without the turbo stream mime type replaces and updates the component on the app.

While this workaround is fine, I feel weird with it because just doesnโ€™t feel rightโ€ฆI havenโ€™t seen anywhere else on the internet someone doing the same thing (apart from the post where I found it) so I think I might have done some misconfiguration somewhere.

Has anyone seen this behavior? Iโ€™m not using turbo stream anywhere, just turbo-frames here and there

Iโ€™m using rails and turbo-rails 1.0.1