Turbo integration with the Micronaut Framework


I am Sergio del Amo, a developer of the Micronaut framework. I am excited about Turbo, and I have written integration inside Micronaut Views (the module to render server-side templates) so that you can quickly generate Turbo Frames and Streams with a fluid API and annotations.

I recorded a screencast that shows how to build the chat application from the Hotwire announcement with Turbo and the Micronaut framework.

Moreover, we wrote a tutorial featuring the code shown in the previous screencast.



We ported the Turbo Native demo app to the Micronaut Framework in three languages Java, Groovy, and Kotlin. You can find the code in the previous link (I can only post two links).


We recorded screencasts that show how to run the Turbo Native iOS/Demo demo application and point it to the Micronaut application. You can find the videos for the Turbo Native screencast on the Micronaut Youtube Channel (I can only post two links).

If you are a JVM developer, hopefully, this is interesting to you. Any feedback is welcome.

Hello @sdelamo,

I saw your video, it looks like you’ve done some great work.

I’m mainly a rails dev, but I am interested in Java too (yes!).

I saw no CSRF protection in your demo, and it seems that the streamed messages aren’t signed either so it looks like there’s still a lot of work left to do.

Are there any plans to get a fully baked implementation? It’d be great to have a turn-key solution and just focus on building apps.

Also, since there are some many moving parts, I would have liked to see how you tested this as you moved along :slight_smile:

@benjamin-thomas thanks for the feedback .

Currently, we don’t ship with any CRSF protection out of the box. We found hard to set sensible defaults with regards to how the token is stored or how it should be retrieved. But, it would be great if we had any easy API for the developers to use and configure to their needs.

It’d be great to have a turn-key solution and just focus on building apps.

we are on the same page.

Thanks @sdelamo

I’ll be keeping track of your progress from afar :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s within Micronaut’s objectives, but if you do decide and manage to ship with opinionated defaults I think that could make the framework that much more attractive, especially for small teams…(+1 for productivity)

Considering Java is evolving nicely and has interesting qualities regarding tooling, refactoring-ability, readability, etc.