Turbo Streaming to multiple nested children

I am working to integrate turbo streams into a deeply nested resource.

Records are modeled so PortCall has many Shifts which has many Gangs which has many Counts.

During create, turbo stream appends the count no problem but scopes it to the wrong count (always the first id=‘counts’). How do I scope turbo stream to the correct parent element?


class Count < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :account
  belongs_to :gang
  belongs_to :operator

  validates :duration, :moves_completed, :detention, presence: true
  validates :duration, :moves_completed, :detention, numericality: true

  after_create_commit -> { broadcast_append_to gang.shift.port_call }
  after_destroy_commit -> { broadcast_remove_to gang.shift.port_call }
  after_update_commit -> { broadcast_replace_to gang.shift.port_call }