Turbo, Uncaught ReferenceError: MyPopUpList is not defiend


I am new to Turbo, and I try to understand why I have the following issue:

The Turbo is simply installed on my app, and I don’t have any special configuration to it. Is there anyone else faced with the same problem? Do you know how can I solve that kind of issue?

Thank you in advance

When you install Turbo, you have to keep in mind that your page starts loading scripts differently. It’s possible that you were expecting a <script> in the <head> tag to load; but, once Turbo takes over, it might not load that <script> tag any more (to be clear, I am not sure how Turbo handles script tags in the head on subsequent visits).

Check your network activity to see if the Script that has MtPopUpList is defined (also, not sure if that should be Mt* or My* (you thread-title doesn’t match the screenshot)).