Turbo v7.2.0: frame.reload() triggers callback twice

I just upgraded to Turbo 7.2.0 and noticed that when I call frame.reload(), the turbo:before-fetch-request callback is triggered twice. The request is only performed once, though.

The reason for this is that in v7.2.0, reload() calls this.removeAttribute("complete") and the frame watches attribute changes and calls this.loadSourceURL() when the “complete” attribute is removed.

Now this doesn’t really seem sensible to me, but I guess there must be a valid reason for this?

Perhaps it would be good to open an issue in the GitHub repository

Yeah sure, I wanted to post here first though to get some feedback.
Maybe I’m overlooking something?

I haven’t updated yet, but if you can reproduce it then you could open an issue for them to review.

Done: `frame.reload()` triggers `turbo:before-fetch-request` callback twice · Issue #739 · hotwired/turbo · GitHub