Turbolinks-Location and Turbolinks-Referrer headers equivalent

I am attempting to port an example ASP.NET core backend from Turbolinks to Hotwire. (https://github.com/khalidabuhakmeh/turbolinks.net) The implementation makes use of the Turbolinks-Referrer HTTP header to identify turbo requests and attaches a Turbolinks-Location to the result.

I am not seeing anything equivalent to these headers in the Turbo Drive library. Is the use of these headers necessary at all, or can they be dropped when migrating to the new Turbo?

No need for those headers anymore. Turbo uses fetch instead of XHR which lets us detect and follow redirects without any special server-side work.

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@ssa3512 are you working in an open repo ? Would like to help out.

@mickdelaney not really right now - I was using the project I linked as a starting point but haven’t had a lot of time to look at since I posted. It does seem that most of the server side code for turbolinks is just not necessary anymore.
One thing that would be definitely be interesting would be to try and get turbo streams working using SignalR but I just haven’t had time.

Do you have any idea how to render partial as <turbo-stream> ?