URL does not change on form submit

I am using Rails and update multiple turbo frames on successful record creation and updates. Everything works OK except that the URL does not change on successful record update.

For example, if I click on the update link for a record with ID 1 in the detail view, the URL will change to


After I update the record (using turbo stream to update both the list of all cords and the record detail), the data is saved and I am redirected to the record detail UI as I should but the URL stays the same (i.e.: records/1/edit) instead of changing to


Attaching turbo_action advance to the form does not make any difference. The app works as intended except that refreshing the page after the successful update, renders the update form with the record data instead of show action with the record details.

Am I missing something, doing something wrong or is this the intended Turbo behavior?

Thanks in advance for all assistance.


I forgot the clarify how the app works. On the same page, I have two separate turbo frames. One contains list of all records, and other one show record detail when one of the record links in the list is clicked.

The detail view turbo frame contains a link to the record update form, which is loaded in the same turbo frame. After the updates are saved, the updated record info is shown in the detail turbo frame and the record’s link in the list turbo frame is also updated.

All of the above works fine except that the URL remains “/records/record_ID/edit” instead of pointing to the show action (i.e., “/records/record_ID”). I cannot think of anything that would fix this without affecting how the app works.