Using CoffeeScript 2 with Stimulus autoloader?

Hi there,

I’ve followed the Hotwire introduction video and now I’m wondering if I can somehow bring Stimulus to autoload controllers that are written in CoffeeScript, e.g.

└── javascripts
    └── controllers

So far I’ve added the coffee-rails gem, but that does not seem to do the trick. Any hints/ideas?

Since Rails 6, the javascript content is not handle pas sprocket (app/asset/javasript) but by webpacker (app/javascript). The Stimulus controllers are installed in /app/javasript/controllers/ by default.

The coffescript gem is useless in these circumstances. You need to install Coffeescript with Webpacker. You also need to edit /app/javascript/controllers/index.js to handle the context in such a way it accepts .coffe file as well.

And even then, I am not sure that will work.


// Load all the controllers within this directory and all subdirectories.
// Controller files must be named *_controller.js.

import { Application } from "stimulus";
import { definitionsFromContext } from "stimulus/webpack-helpers";

const application = Application.start();
const context = require.context(



import { Controller } from "stimulus"

export default class extends Controller 

  connect: ->
    console.log 'bonjour controller connected'
    this.element.textContent = 'Allo'


%h1 Home#index
%p Find me in app/views/home/index.html.haml

%div{data: {controller: 'bonjour'}}
  %button Greet 
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Thanks for this post.
I would like to know if you have try with rails 7 ?
I have try what you do with rails 7 but the js look used in a different way.

I did successed to use definitionsFromContext I got error message