What about officially deprecated methods in Stimulus

I’m learning Stimulus and I love it. Very interesting how lots of problems are being resolved in a very simple way.

What I’m curious about is a feature like this: Document.execCommand

I started to google what it was and what it did and I found this: Document.execCommand() - Web APIs | MDN

What it says simply is that this method is deprecated and while it does represent a large userbase e.g. caniuse: "Document.execCommand" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

It’s on its’ way out. I am wondering if I misunderstand something and this isn’t the case or Stimulus will included a Polyfill or it does …or or…

Can I get some thoughts on this? I don’t want to use it on a greenfield if my understanding is correct and this method is on it’s way out and also if support will end soon. I’m just trying to understand.

Thank you!!

Document.execCommand has very little to do with stimulus. The controller in the the stimulus clipboard example calls this command, but it’s just an example of how stimulus controllers can execute vanilla javascript. I doubt the stimulus team intends to polyfill this particular command.

Looking at stimulusja code the method execCommand ia never used

See for yourself:

Where did you saw this method used?