Yarn package version discrepancy in Turbo 7.0.0-beta.4?

I’m trying to make use of the started property in Turbo Session by referencing Turbo.navigator.started but it comes up as undefined in my program. When I dug into the source code and compared what’s being downloaded by Yarn vs what’s on the Github repo it’s making me question whether the Yarn package was incorrectly compiled.

When I look at the code on the Yarn package, navigator is of the type Navigator and does not have the started property available. But on the Github repo, navigator is of type Session. Am I missing something here?

Yarn: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@hotwired/turbo@7.0.0-beta.4/dist/types/core/index.d.ts
Github: turbo/index.ts at v7.0.0-beta.4 · hotwired/turbo · GitHub

I figured this out. Due to my lack of familiarity with Typescript, I didn’t realize that the following declaration was pulling just the navigator property off the Session object:

const session = new Session
const { navigator } = session
export { navigator }

I figured out that I can prevent overlapping requests by checking the state on Navigator by the code: Turbo.navigator.formSubmission.state:

[undefined, 5].some(v => v == Turbo.navigator?.formSubmission?.state)